Women on the Crossroads

Welcome to Women on the Crossroads -- a sharing, caring space on the web for female-focused issues from a personal perspective.

Your space, Your place, Your issues!

Women on the Crossroads is a social enterprise operated by a registered UK company which is not-for-profit. It offers social networking for professional and non-professional women. Our aim is to inspire, enable growth and success, communication, education and assistance for all women. When you join this network you will be participating  with a group of women whose common purpose is examining choices, explaining feelings, gaining fulfilment and wellbeing and cultivating confidence and competence.


This support group is open to women of all cultural backgrounds. It is a safe place for us to share our feelings and experiences, and to care for each other. Mentoring relationships and sharing  is a fundamental purpose for WOTC. It is our aim to nurture women’s innate strengths and cultivate confidence, competence and the caring they need to make their dream a reality. There is something for everyone. Thank you for joining us. Be nurtured. Be inspired.

Do you believe in second chances? Are you familiar with how many women are struggling in becoming the best they can be or even recognising how brilliant and beautiful they are? As an ex Magazine Editor, Coach and Inspirational Speaker I have witnessed many women who need an opportunity to discover who they are all, to find the mojo to stop being invisible. I find it necessary to motivate and inspire others to take their lives in their hands and do something in the here and now, to live to their true potential.  I can’t do it all by myself, so I am asking you to help me in this quest to help others to embrace their true potential and bring out their brilliance in all aspects of their lives.


I have been blessed with many lifetime changes, experienced a few crossroads and have walked through some big doors for which I am grateful. I would like to now help women to gain a second chance and by empowering them, by showing them that with the right help and motivation it can be done.  For this reason, I am working with the best in each industry to make to support and empower by launching the Women on the Crossroads mentoring programme, where every one can gain a second chance through mentoring. Women on the Crossroads (WOTC) was created to celebrate and empower women and build a community that integrates mind and heart in their business and in their life. Is it too much to ask you to invest in the future of women? 

Since our launch in 2008, our main event, Who’s Holding You Back offers an invaluable opportunity to learn from the experience of women in leadership roles and help encourage women to use their lives to make a difference.

WOTC provides an outstanding opportunity for women to showcase their brilliance through their products and services to the very lucrative female business market. For organizations seeking to position themselves in close proximity to the ever-increasing influential business women’s market, sponsoring a WOTC event provides an excellent marketing vehicle. 

I look forward to having you join us on the quest to empower women to expand their capacity to receive greater wealth, optimal health and love in their life. Together, we create heaven on earth for all of us.  


Sherry Dixon

Founder and CEO