A global charitable and philanthropic leader, Sherry Ann Dixon is a persuasive voice on global justice, women and children's rights and using social media to empower people to make a difference.


A leader on the world stage, bridging the gap between old-school thinking and the fast-paced world of communications, Sherry Ann Dixon has been called the “Aunty Sherry, Baroness, Queen D  by her followers. But Dixon wears that distinction with a difference—serving the world’s disadvantaged. 


Dixon is the founder and president of Women on The Crossroads, an organisation dedicated to transforming women’s attitude through research, mentoring and support. Her efforts in improving the mindsets of women throughout Britain, Scotland, Wales, Africa and The Caribbean has been greeted with great applause and in 2016  Dixon started motivational events aptly named AWESOME YOU held at the London Hilton and Holiday Inn Hotels. In 2017 Dixon took her motivation talks to the Caribbean and was well received in Barbados and Trinidad. In 2019 Dixon took to the stage in Guyana, where she empowered the packed theatre audience and in 2019 

BE AWESOME, the Caribbean tour was embraced at a totally sold out event at The Guyana Marriott.


A former public relations executive, Magazine and radio journalist, Dixon has combined her public prominence with her personal passion to spur societal change in corners of the globe where the plight of women and children are often overlooked. She is a patron of Bonded Through Cancer and LACE.